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    The South Carolina Department of Commerce is proud to introduce our 12 Regional Workforce Advisors who are focused on ensuring South Carolina’s workforce continues to be one of the best in the nation. At a time when South Carolina’s economy is developing at historic rates, the Regional Workforce Advisors are the state’s resource for creating a workforce of the future. The Regional Workforce Advisors will serve as a connection for the business and education communities to collaborate on how to best prepare the workforce to meet industry demands.

    Our Regional Workforce Advisors will be our go-to team bridging gaps at the local level between those who educate our students and those in the business community who rely on a talented labor pool. Every person who wants a job should have one. At the same time, businesses with job openings are having a hard time identifying qualified candidates. This is a problem that can be fixed with enhanced communication between the business and education communities. The Regional Workforce Advisors are ready to be the connection that facilitates a conversation. Below is more information about how the Regional Workforce Advisors can serve you.

    Regional Workforce Advisors connect business to K-16 schools and the workforce by

    •Helping businesses partner with schools to develop a workforce for industries, including apprenticeships and job shadowing experiences

    •Relaying information to educators about workforce needs

    •Bridging the gap between workforce needs and workforce development


  • Whom to Contact

    • Matt Wiggins
      Regional Workforce Advisor
      110 Phoenix Street
      Greenwood , SC 29646
      Phone: (803) 730-1731